Villa – An art of defining luxury through exteriors

Villas have lot many things to be concerned about their luxurious exterior and thereof the interiors of these exteriors and such inclusions could be security cabins, flower decorations, external parking lot, helipad, children play areas, etc. Everything that comprises a great villa structure has to be noted carefully and beautifying attempts can be made to them therefrom. Villas not only fulfil the beautification of exterior and interiors but also millionaires and the luxury owners dwell in them. So it is a must for the villas to provide all the basic sheltering oriented fundamental functionalities to the owner.

3D Exterior Designs for Villas play a vital role in making it a beautiful place to stay in and mark its presence in the whole of the area. But for the design to stand out with this attempt must cater with strength, basic functionalities and the other possessions of it must not only decorate the villa but also provide a fully functional usable utility to the owner.

Residential 3D Exterior Rendering

3D Exterior Rendering Services

Following are the key areas where 3D Exterior Designs for Villas can be applied and therefore the functional and non-functional both the requirements can be treated equally.

The Residential 3D Exterior Rendering must support the villas with ease of access. The walk-paths, runway to the home and ways to access the amenities shall be considered wisely for making the owner find it most suitable palace to live in. The path from the main gate towards the door to living room must be kept logically shorter and not too long.

The doors, windows and glasses of the villas are chosen to have a matte finish over glossy so as to make sure that the eyes of the viewers do not get trouble. If glossy glasses are chosen then film of black and other translucent materials can be used.

Architectural 3D Exterior Rendering

3D Visualization Exterior Rendering

The flora and faunas are necessary to be of real flowers and real leaves and all of such in real materials. The artificial and fake ones are for interiors sometimes, but for 3D Exterior Designs of the villas, they must be of real and easily maintainable.

Name tags, Villa Logo and its name, along with the name plates and sign boards denoting different areas of Villas must be given decorated headings and it is a must for them to be of nice visibly different quality. This type of exteriors also means a lot for improving the design quality.

3D Exterior Designs – almost everything

Each and every solid, transparent or an opaque entity – doesn’t matter whether living or non-living, all possess an exteriors. The living beings have the skin – epidermis as an external part, and the non-living things have textures. A cover page of a book is an exterior of it. The metallic and non-metallic colours of the cars are exteriors of it. The style, back panel, screens, etc. are exteriors of a mobile / tablet device. Similarly, the exterior walls of the building are exteriors of the building. All sort of every type of 3D Visualization Exterior Rendering of everything must possess an attractive and a great appealing look for being successful in the market and being chosen universally.

Varied range of decorative products and useful articles are available in the market that can be used for enhancing the exterior design and empowering the vision it imparts by that means. Certain light emitting paints and glossy wallpapers for external designs and decorating sculptures can be used for the same. The people are just interested in getting in to the best designs, and are least concerned about the ‘how’ part. They just like attractive exteriors.

3D Visualization Exterior Rendering

3D Exterior Rendering Services

The exteriors are of the following category that can be improved and the viewers can be given an everlasting impression thereof:

  1. Colours: – The brighter colours and their contrast shades are best to give a constant look and instantly attract the viewer’s eyes. For anything of small size, the illusion of optics can be achieved by using this colour distraction strategies.

  1. Texture: – The texture – matte or glossy are normally confused with. But, suggested by experts it is a good practice to use matte finish for handy objects like cell phones, bottles, and other utility things. And for the decorative articles and exterior walls, glossy finishes are most likely to be chosen.

    Night View

  1. Nuts and bolts: – Anything or an object may have some connectivity by nuts and bolts, screws, etc. All of these also have something to do with 3D Exterior Home Design. They are also given some colours and shaded with soothing shades.

  1. Emptiness: – The empty area like cracks, partitions, and dividers are necessary to be placed in such a way that there is no mishap in the visual treat for the whole product. If a single thing goes wrong, it is more likely to get anxious of. Hence, the designers suggest to give them an artistic effect.

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3D Fly through – Flow with the Air

Normally, 3D Fly Through and 3D Exterior Rendering were used earlier a decade ago, for simulation purposes and for geographical scientific researches. But the advancement of the technological era has given them a totally new definitions. These type of animations are now a days used for purposes like architectural resource viewers, training simulations, mapping routs, creating the train tracks / path making, adventure trips, rides etc.

Though, many people have a great fear – a fear of height. And this leads to fear of flying. From the point of view of an adventurous person, fly through experiences are no lesser than performing a sky diving from about a nominal altitude. There is only one single difference of the view one gets. A sky diver generally takes the glimpses of all the surrounding things that are scattered around the area of the drop-zone. In an animated 3D fly through there is no such area called Drop Zone. But still a central epicentre from which the 3D Fly through begins is yet known. Fly through animation delivers the experience of flowing through the air towards any location. The driving trail to the desired area is controlled interactively by specifically scripted Fly Through.

3D Visualization Exterior Rendering

3D Exterior Rendering Services

For making any type of Architectural 3D Exterior Rendering the exteriors and the whole Floor Plan layouts and the area of cover is generally rendered in to a single video with multiple frames and angular camera views. Once this is done, the 3D Fly Through animations are given the effect of Zooming inside and Zooming outside. Reason being this, the users are able to know only the external part of the whole area of concern and other things inside are not considered to be taken in the Fly Through animations. This in a way, gives the experience to the viewer of flying through the air towards the whole site, and all the exteriors are better explored along with everything that is present in the whole plot of the proposed project work.


Hence, it is an artistic way to give the User Experience of the whole interface that is presented as an exteriors of the whole proposed project. Fly through in a way, help the viewer to exhibit the whole model from all the angles, giving a feeling as taking trip across it. It gives virtual presentation of the overall proposed project.

Distinguishing Exteriors over Interiors

When rendering is considered, there is not a huge difference between interior and exterior rendering apart from the changes in the material and sources from which, a rendering is created. Exterior rendering in 3D has a large area of effect, which usually is not found in Interior rendering. Even in 2D Exterior rendering must emphasis on lot many things, like natural elements, sky, greenery in the garden, fountains, decorative structures, parking lots, basement overview, etc. and it may even be water-bodies like swimming pools, lakes, decorative ponds, etc. All this is given fairly large importance in 3D Exterior Rendering

Residential 3D Exterior Rendering

3D Exterior Rendering Services

Considerations of 3D Exterior Rendering

Considerations of 3D Interior Rendering

External elements like outer walls, shape of the whole building. Right from the tip of the base pillar to the edge of the top node of the terrace are rendered in 3D.

In interior rendering the elements that beautify the place from its internal part are considered to be rendered.

Functionalities of all the externally present elements, like street lights, fountains, etc. are considered.

Utility and functionalities are highly taken care of. Especially the working of the furniture and all the internal things.

3D Exterior Rendering is a must to give a 360 Degree view of the whole building – i.e. right to left and front to back.

3D Interior rendering shall provide only a sufficient and self-explanatory view of the elements present inside of the space.

It has no limitation of space since it is to be designed over a given empty space from its floor plan.

Interior design rendering have the limitation of space, due to its pre-structured arrangement of the walls and other such fixed parts.

3D Exterior Design is mostly applied once the floor-plan is ready and its blue-print may be or may not be available.

3D Interior Rendering is not possible before the structure or blue-print of the place to dwell in is not available.


For any type of exteriors, all must be rendered in 3D. 3D rendering offers multiple view frames and each correspond to the relevant item of the proposed architectural product. Exterior rendering in 3D makes a real scene of the outer side of the whole project visible to the viewer along with the feel of reality. It has to be thought from the ground level till the top level. And in interior rendering all the parts inside, are thought for.