Distinguishing Exteriors over Interiors

When rendering is considered, there is not a huge difference between interior and exterior rendering apart from the changes in the material and sources from which, a rendering is created. Exterior rendering in 3D has a large area of effect, which usually is not found in Interior rendering. Even in 2D Exterior rendering must emphasis on lot many things, like natural elements, sky, greenery in the garden, fountains, decorative structures, parking lots, basement overview, etc. and it may even be water-bodies like swimming pools, lakes, decorative ponds, etc. All this is given fairly large importance in 3D Exterior Rendering

Residential 3D Exterior Rendering

3D Exterior Rendering Services

Considerations of 3D Exterior Rendering

Considerations of 3D Interior Rendering

External elements like outer walls, shape of the whole building. Right from the tip of the base pillar to the edge of the top node of the terrace are rendered in 3D.

In interior rendering the elements that beautify the place from its internal part are considered to be rendered.

Functionalities of all the externally present elements, like street lights, fountains, etc. are considered.

Utility and functionalities are highly taken care of. Especially the working of the furniture and all the internal things.

3D Exterior Rendering is a must to give a 360 Degree view of the whole building – i.e. right to left and front to back.

3D Interior rendering shall provide only a sufficient and self-explanatory view of the elements present inside of the space.

It has no limitation of space since it is to be designed over a given empty space from its floor plan.

Interior design rendering have the limitation of space, due to its pre-structured arrangement of the walls and other such fixed parts.

3D Exterior Design is mostly applied once the floor-plan is ready and its blue-print may be or may not be available.

3D Interior Rendering is not possible before the structure or blue-print of the place to dwell in is not available.


For any type of exteriors, all must be rendered in 3D. 3D rendering offers multiple view frames and each correspond to the relevant item of the proposed architectural product. Exterior rendering in 3D makes a real scene of the outer side of the whole project visible to the viewer along with the feel of reality. It has to be thought from the ground level till the top level. And in interior rendering all the parts inside, are thought for.

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