3D Fly through – Flow with the Air

Normally, 3D Fly Through and 3D Exterior Rendering were used earlier a decade ago, for simulation purposes and for geographical scientific researches. But the advancement of the technological era has given them a totally new definitions. These type of animations are now a days used for purposes like architectural resource viewers, training simulations, mapping routs, creating the train tracks / path making, adventure trips, rides etc.

Though, many people have a great fear – a fear of height. And this leads to fear of flying. From the point of view of an adventurous person, fly through experiences are no lesser than performing a sky diving from about a nominal altitude. There is only one single difference of the view one gets. A sky diver generally takes the glimpses of all the surrounding things that are scattered around the area of the drop-zone. In an animated 3D fly through there is no such area called Drop Zone. But still a central epicentre from which the 3D Fly through begins is yet known. Fly through animation delivers the experience of flowing through the air towards any location. The driving trail to the desired area is controlled interactively by specifically scripted Fly Through.

3D Visualization Exterior Rendering

3D Exterior Rendering Services

For making any type of Architectural 3D Exterior Rendering the exteriors and the whole Floor Plan layouts and the area of cover is generally rendered in to a single video with multiple frames and angular camera views. Once this is done, the 3D Fly Through animations are given the effect of Zooming inside and Zooming outside. Reason being this, the users are able to know only the external part of the whole area of concern and other things inside are not considered to be taken in the Fly Through animations. This in a way, gives the experience to the viewer of flying through the air towards the whole site, and all the exteriors are better explored along with everything that is present in the whole plot of the proposed project work.


Hence, it is an artistic way to give the User Experience of the whole interface that is presented as an exteriors of the whole proposed project. Fly through in a way, help the viewer to exhibit the whole model from all the angles, giving a feeling as taking trip across it. It gives virtual presentation of the overall proposed project.

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